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Guys i have FINALLY ^^; made a new youtube channel just for my art.
Just letting you know!
I've only uploaded spitpaints (under 30mins)
so hopefully i will add more in the future!

Make sure to subscribe if you want to see more upcoming videos : )
I really hope you guys all have a good holiday because some of you probably been through a lot of crap and you deserve to be happy at least once this year. Merry Christmas or whatever you believe in!

Take care all!

- Kirk
So i've recently found out that there are some artists out there who claim themselves as "professionals" yet all they do is basically taking people/customers money through art commissions and not finishing the work in months or even years, victims are mainly those who have already paid and patiently waited for that amount of time and still not receiving what they have paid for. Some artists who does this are artistically good, with relatively good amount of followers/fans, and some are popular here too (and maybe some other art sites, not just on DA)... It kinda sucks to think about it, the artist you admired for so long are the ones who does something like this. I feel sorry to those people who fell into this situation or if you've been in this situation before, i do hope you get your money back in the end. I mean, those money they've received didn't just grow from trees, people worked hard for it just to commission their fav artist(s), and yet knowing there are artists like this out there, it's saddening.

And i happen to know one, such a shame.

There are far better and decent artists out there who deserve the money unlike some... careful guys, if you're planning to commission!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys! :' D x
according to deviant heart, she is my soulmate :iconbuttsforcharity: (ButtsForCharity)
welp, there goes my butt
What are you dressing up as?
Just letting you know that i will be strolling around the expo this saturday 27th
i will probably be in the artist alley, where people randomly sketch and such.
and as usual, i might hand out free sketches depending on who's there watching
you know?, just for fun lol... usually, that area is packed of artists, so it depends
if there's any spare chair/space for me to sketch, other than that, i will probably
hang around in that area and meeting some fellow talented artists in booth.

So, if anyone is going this sat... see you there! Thats is if you can find me hihihih >: P

Peace! <3
Okay i've recently joined instagram so if you want to follow
me, feel free... i'm just putting it here to those who have one : )

i'll pretty much post my traditional doodles/sketches from my sketchbook
from now on and take random pics i like. I've only posted 1 sketch at the moment haha
'OTL but there will be more doodles and pics to come.

my username is Ninjatic


*sobs endlessly*
... psst.
So there's this guy selling one of my works as a shirt without asking my permission.
so guys, if you have an ebay account or something, could you report this for me?...
i've already contacted the seller and reported it, but it might not enough to be taken down.
i'd appreciate it greatly, thanks for your support! x


the original art:
Trollface Approved by Ninjatic

oh man, i hate when this happens... *sigh*
Thanks for the birthday wishes guys, and your support... it means a lot to me. :') <3

@ 0:20 -

*squeals like a bitch*
Okay, i know some of you can't wait for this show, but i just want
to share to you the first episode. This was sent to me as well.
I know i should be shot by this, but heck... it's up to you
if you want to watch it or just wait for the actual date.
I'm just putting it up here. Cos i love you guys! xD

you're welcome!

*grins more*