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March 11, 2009


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About me + FAQs

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 11, 2009, 5:34 PM

| Commission Info | Previous Artworks | My Music (covers) | FAQs |

  • Especially to those people who keeps asking me questions
    over and over, so rather than typing it over again i just decided
    to make a journal of this common questions i get.

    About me
    My name is Kirk Quilaquil (pronouns as kill-a-kill), 19 and i'm a college student
    studying degree in animation. I'm an average asian dude who likes art and music, and
    spend most of my time at home doing hobbies. In public/RL, i'm a shy guy who doesn't talk
    much, i'm a quiet person who observes a lot. I'm unpredictable, simple dude. I can be
    childish and immature too, especially when i get hyper or in the mood to do funny stuff.

    Where did you get your username Ninjatic?
    In highschool, my friends used to call me ninja because i have few cool tricks especially
    martial art tricks because i did 'taekwondo' before. They sometimes call me son of Jet Li
    or Brother of Bruce Lee, yeah funny i know.
    Also when i'm in a group of friends i sometimes wander off without telling them, so they sometimes think that i just disappear instantly, then reappear at some point. They think i'm a ninja or ninjatic, even though i'm not. So that's where i get my username Ninjatic because my friends thinks
    i'm a ninja lol.

    How long have you been drawing?
    I've been drawing since i was so young probably at the age of 4-5
    as far as i can remember I used to draw animals a lot. Then at the age of 8, Anime hit
    me, since then i started drawing anime especially DBZ, Yu Yu Haskusho, Flame of Recca etc.  At the age of 16 when i got my tablet, i started drawing CG up till now.

    What program do you use?
    I always use Photoshop CS2, i have painter IX but i hardly use it "orz

    How long does it take you to paint CG?
    Mostly around 3-4 hours or more depending on the picture and spare time i have, i don't really set a time when i paint coz to be honest i get bored eventually, so i paint on and off. If i'm serious, it could take around 8 hours or more.

    Are you left handed or right handed?
    I am left handed

    What tablet do you have?
    I have the Wacom Intuos3 size A4 ( kinda big =_= )

    Are you a Filipino?
    Yes i am

    What brush do you use?
    I normally use the default photoshop brushes, the round ones. I do use custome brushes too
    only when i add texture/background or effects.

    Do you start off painting in black and white?
    No, when i paint i start off background first then the character and so on. I work dark to light.

    Do you take requests?
    I used to, not anymore sorry

    Why did you separate your previous works?
    Oh that, well... it's a complicated story really ><
    i just wanted them there.

    What are you doing in your free-time except for drawing?
    Go out, hang out with friends. If they're not available, i play my guitar and sing or sleep.

    I heard you play guitar?
    Yes, not only Art but Music too and in fact i used to be in a band as a lead guitarist sadly we split up so i play alone now and helping my sister compose her songs. I've performed few times infront of thousands of people. I hardly perform now since my concentration is now in ART. :C

    Are you going to make a tutorial/how you paint?
    I'm planning, i'm not really good at making tutorials but we'll see.

    Can I use your art?
    You can, but ask permission FIRST as long as you credit me back or link back to the original artist. Without permission then NO, or claiming my art as your own, NO. otherwise i'll report you.

    Are you self-taught or did u have to learn?
    Yes i am 100% self taught mine isn't a talent it's from hard work. I learned from other artists too, i observe how they do it.

    What do you want to be?
    Well since im studying animation, then animator. I would love to work as an cover artist like CG novel/illustration and stuff.

    What's your favourite style of CG Art?
    I love realism type anime or realism ^^

    How many hours do you spend drawing per day?
    Ahhaha not a lot. Depends what my mood is, but i scribble everyday probably 30mins scribble. I draw faces and body a lot.

    So if you guyz have anything or any more question ask me i can just add them here.
    i guess that's all for now. ^^'

    takecare <3

    : CG Commission list :
    _o1.) ~ArynChris < paid > 25% (Gaia Character)
    _o2.) =rezzek < paid > 1o%
    _o3.) =OmegaRaptor29 < unpaid > o% (OC)
    _o4.) <open>
    _o5.) <open>

    : $10 Sketch Commission list : (waistup ONLY)
    _o1.) =nursenikki < paid > 65% (RPG Character)
    _o2.) =dark-magician-nikoru < paid > 1o%
    _o3.) <open>
    _o4.) <open>
    _o5.) <open>

    : Art-trade list : (CLOSED)
    _o1.) ~daphne-phantasos - o%
    _o2.) ~twilight-sheikah - o%
    _o3.) =Kafai - ???

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GodSlayerr Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Heey :D I have a question ... What brushes do you usually use in your artworks? Has some one special or prefer the defaults of Photoshop?
darknataku17 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey Ninjatic, I have a question. Do you mind if I use your sketches as references? I'd credit you, if you want. Because it's hard for me to find a reference easy to copy (Like a picture of a human) Otherwise I would just practice your poses for fun.
Ninjatic Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
yeah sure, that's fine as long as the credit is there : )
Karasutako Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2011
I just wanted to say i love your work. It's quite amazing that you self taught yourself to draw. I'm in the midst of teaching myself but like i said, it amazes me how you taught yourself. Yuumei, Virus-AC74 and you are my three inspritational artists on DA. XD


Don't live life trying to be someone else, it is a complete waste of the person you are.
321456qwe Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2011
Hey I was wondering if you wanted to make a zelda webcomic. I'm looking for good artists. Ideally I would like it in color but that will only happen if there are at least 2 artists. A black and white comic would be perfectly fine. Sorry if you already got this on Formspring. I posted this question but the question was never displayed. Please let me know if your interested. If not do you know any other artists who might be interested? Thanks for your time and keep up the great work! PS you profile says your an animation major. Where are the animations?
Ninjatic Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
uhmm... about my animation, we're still working on our short film
so it's not done yet... i'm on my final year, so hopefully
i'll show you our final project this summer...

and as of your webcomic, sorry i really don't have time ><"
but thanks.
WillowRaevyn Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010
Was browsing through your gallery - my husband looking over my shoulder - and we are both VERY impressed with your artwork and abilities! We are also big FF and Bleach fans and your renditions of the characters is amazing!! Best of luck with all your creative endeavors (I was a music major at Berklee - I **KNOW** it's not an easy thing to study).

:w00t: :w00t:
Ninjatic Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
awwww thanks a LOT for your comment, that made me smile hehe
thankssssss :)) xxx
Rinian Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
whoa I never expected you'd be a Filipino! That makes me feel kinda proud! :D
Esbilick Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2009  Professional General Artist
Wow I hope you will be able to load your animations where when your done with them. In school are you free to do what you want as long as they meet certain guide lines or do you have a strict project you have to work on?
As motivation try to finish your songs. You poor thing you seem so sad not to preform any more. I can only imagine. Hump...*Sigh* Hopefully in a month or so I'll have my guitar to rock.XD
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