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October 6, 2009


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Okay, it's been 4 years i haven't updated my commission info.
I thought it's time for a change. As you all know, ever since i've graduated from University, i haven't had any luck in getting to a gaming studios/company or industries, so technically, i'm not a full time artist working in a studio. At the moment, i've been doing a lot of freelance works from other clients (professional or not). So this is where i've been getting my money since.

And i NEED money. Through out the years, a lot of people have been telling me
that i've been dramatically improving, and it's time for me to enhance the pricing
of my commissions. And i've been thinking, if this is what i will do for a living then i'd have to change all this, professionally-wise.

>> This is a contract job, so when i agree to do your work, it will be FINISHED! <<

The only types of art that i won't do are: (personal preference)
  • Extreme nudity
  • Chibis
  • Yaoi/Yuri (Male+Male and Female+Female doing sexual stuff)

: Prices : (Characters)

[150.00 GBP] = (Headshot) - (per character)
[320.00 GBP] = (Waistup) - (per character)
[550.00 GBP] = (Fullbody) - (per character)




: Price : (Landscape)
[650.00 GBP]


NOTE: i'm still improving on landscapes, as well as characters, so this is my current level of artistry. I still have a lot to improve!


WAIST-UP ONLY for 20 each
Samples: [2009]
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


I only accept Paypal.
I only accept British Pounds currency. I live in England, therefore i spend Pounds.
Do NOT pay me right away unless i confirmed that i will do your commission!
Once i received that payment, the contract will commence. So therefore, you have to pay me first in order for me to work with your project - Money fuels my motivation.
My Paypal is:
Please Note me on here (DA) if you want a commission entitled 'commission'.
When you pay on Paypal, PLEASE put your DA username/real name on the subject, so i won't get confused.
And follow this steps below. (IMPORTANT!) There are some people still pay me in dollars, or other currencies. It has to be in British Pounds!


PLEASE send me at least 1 reference/picture of your character (must be coloured please)
if you don't have any reference, i will come up with my own ideas.
I will show you the initial sketch first (for approval) before i start the colouring the picture.
You need to have PATIENCE please, don't rush me as art takes time to finish.
PLEASE minimise sending me notes saying if i'm done with your work etc. I WILL update you once your product is finished.
ALL my artworks are pretty big, (average 3000-5000 pixels or more) 300dpi. (depending if my client/customer wants an specific size for their product, then the size will vary) 
Once your product is finished, i will send you the original size.

and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to note me.
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AirForcePhoenix Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If the USAF would stop cutting my paychecks in half for their mistakes, I'll definitely be looking at getting a landscape or two from you. 
Exodrake Jan 11, 2014  Student General Artist
Is there a way to convert currency or something over Paypal? As I live in the US, I don't have GBP to spend ^^;

I'd definitely be interested in saving up and converting some extra cash for a commission though (when I have a job, lol). Your prices are excellent for such quality.
Ninjatic Jan 12, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
You should be able to set it on Paypal on the setting (currency) before you send it.
You can just search it on google how to do that, if you don't know. : )
Exodrake Jan 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you, I'll make note of this :)
FYI; Paypal charges a currency conversion fee that varies weekly, based loosely on the going rate (same as you'd pay at a bank or airport kiosk).  It's usually pretty low.  The main thing to remember is that British pounds are worth... uh... a bit more than US dollars.  Check it on Google before you decide to commission, so the real price doesn't catch you by surprise. [/suggestion] :)
Exodrake Mar 2, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you for the additional information :)
Np! Hope it helps. :)
If only I had a grand to spare.
moni158 Oct 26, 2013  Student Filmographer
Your's nice to see someone charging what their art is actually worth :iconotlplz: Specially on this website.
SpankTB Jul 20, 2013  Professional
finally realistic prices! good thing
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